Hard Rock artist Anthony Denny is a guitarist, bassist, singer, and songwriter. He is widely known by his latest single "Mema", written and produced by himself. Anthony was inspired to pursue songwriting due to his background of being bullied from second grade all the way to middle school. His father (Ray Denny) had bought a guitar for him at the age of 13 then had him start guitar lessons with his teacher Ned Aswell where he would be introduced to reading sheet music and learning about different types of genres of music. After some time he found himself joining a band The Lucky Boys at first as there rhythm guitarist. Due to complications with old members of the band they where without a bassist for weeks until Anthony went on to pick up the bass himself and be known as there bassist. After some time Anthony wanted to put his emotions back into the guitar realizing he stepped away from it for too long. He would go on to put his emotions and frustrations into little riffs where he then would eventually find himself writing a full song. Anthony was super desperate to put his songs out but knew little to nothing about recording, mixing, and mastering songs as well as having little to no help with finding a producer to work with. Anthony found himself thinking it would be nearly impossible to get his music out until he was gifted an Audio Interface on Christmas of 2019 from his family. With his Interface he loaded everything into first Garage Band where he would study the different tools for mixing and mastering songs. After locking himself in his room for two weeks eager to learn more he started producing, and writing songs. He debuted his first single "Mema" in dedication to his Grandma (Patricia Denny) showing off his talent when it came to writing a song and mixing and mastering it himself.